I did not come to-day with the concept of bringing you anything new.

I did not come to-day with the concept of bringing you anything new.

On the contrary, I have come below to get the motivation which organization with those from the outdoors offers. There is no hope for this place unless we can keep in contact with the rest of the USA.

In isolation, we believe in a vacuum cleaner. As well as it is only when we know what we are thinking about outside that we obtain the impulse which leads to construction. I assume I can claim out of my expertise of 12 years of management operation in this city. That we have to look abroad, rise on the tops of the hills and see the great valleys of our nation before we know actually what our policies must be. When we live alone or reside in seclusion and attempt to handle things abstractly or in theory we make errors.

The issue that you deal with is one that.

I have actually never ever had any type of contact with. However, I understand this from my expertise of background; that you can judge the people of a country, of a people, of a continent. Or of any part of a country, by the personality of its freeways. If you will certainly study that suggests you will realize that what I have actually stated holds true, that those parts of this Country are most backward, where individuals live most alone, where they develop those conditions of the mind which originate from living alone.

Where they establish ultimate unhappiness with what is done in Washington or what is performed in their own state legislatures, where they are dissatisfied and also dissatisfied, as well as movements that make versus the welfare of our country develop, are those parts where there are poor freeways and also consequently a lack of communication between the people. 토토

Our eyes are all turned at this time to the opposite side of the water. I intend that there has never been a month in the background of the United States when a lot of people were so distressed to see the morning paper or the evening paper as throughout the past month. There never has been a time when we have actually been so enjoyed the real core of our beings. Achievements that those kids over there have actually made are points that will live in our memories.