Main Recommendations for Using Two-Factor Authentication

Today, there are plenty of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that help to ensure extra security for the corporate network. However, it is vital to protect not only IT systems but also confidential data, which is the main thing of any enterprise. One of the primary steps for securing sensitive data should be to strengthen ID security.

In particular, two-factor authentication is gaining popularity, which is a perfect solution for securing various online services from an unauthorized getaway. Since most users are not used to creating and remembering a large number of complex combinations, the use of two-factor verification will increase the level of ID security.

Recommendations for Usage

1)     Trusted Gadgets

When using two-factor authentication, give your preference to trusted gadgets. For instance, Apple provides its users with its verification system, so when you first log on to a new gadget, you will need to provide two types of information: your password and a six-digit confirmation code, which is automatically displayed on verified gadgets. After entering the code, the new device is included in the number of verified ones. For instance, if you have an iPhone, the first time you log on a recently purchased Mac, you will be asked to enter a password and a verification code that will automatically appear on your iPhone.

2)     Trusted Phone Numbers

A verified phone number is the one that you can use to receive confirmation codes through text messages or automatic phone calls. You must verify at least one phone number in order to get access.

You should also consider verifying an extra phone number that you can access. You can use this number if you temporarily do not have access to the main number or your gadgets.

3)     Verification Codes

Confirmation code is a temporary code sent to a verified gadget or phone number when you first log into the device or browser using the Apple ID. In addition, you can get a verification code in the Settings section on a trusted gadget. The verification code is different from the password for the device used to unlock the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

4 Things to Remember When Using Two-Factor Authentication

This measure greatly enhances your security. After enabling this function, you will need a password and access to verified devices or phone numbers to log in to your account. To ensure maximum protection of your account and constant access, there are a few simple recommendations that you must follow:

  • Remember your password.
  • Use passes for all your devices.
  • Keep your verified phone numbers up to date.
  • Provide the physical security of trusted gadgets.

Thus, such verification will provide additional protection to your private network.

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